Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One of my favorites

So this weekend I had yet another argument with someone about chocolate. It seems that I am the only person that has her head on straight and knows that chocolate is not candy. Chocolate is chocolate people. You don't say, "Hey, anybody want some hot candy on this snowy day?" NO. Because it is not candy. And oh yeah, they're called 'candy' bars. Those people are wrong. They are chocolate, not candy. Examples of real, delicious candy: starburst, sour water melons, flavored tootsie rolls, swedish fish, hot tamales, etc. Examples of chocolate: hershey's kisses, m&ms, snickers, kit kat, reese's pieces, 3 musketeers, etc. Notice there is no chocolate in the candy section, and no candy in the chocolate section. Therefore when I gave up candy for lent last year and had a twix bar in the middle of april, I was still well within the boundaries of my lenting (thats right, I just made lent into a verb). I will never believe that chocolate is candy no matter what wikipedia or anyone else says. Although I might believe it if Jason Heyward said it to me personally. We shall see.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Verano, te extraño

Welcome to the good life

Summer is so close!!! Today, me and some honeys got to spend the day in back yard soaking up the sun. It was the best, but I'm a little angry with the weather because I know its such a tease. What da H weather?! I'm fully prepared to move somewhere that it is always hot. And I'm not talking like, ooh yeah it never gets below 40 where I live yayyyyy. No. I'm talking like living on the equator, by the ocean, and never having to feel the chilly 50s. Somewhere that there is no necessity for sweatshirts, or jeans let alone gloves or coats. I'd like to live in a place that I can have one entire side of my house without walls because its always so nice outside. Do these places exist? They should.

They probably look like this:

I want to know where all of these places are and live in every single one of them.  Who's prepared to go with me?!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011



So I was kickin' it with my girl Claud tonight and we were discussing her desire to learn how to play golf. I love golf. Were going to start playing together. I'm really terrible, but were gonna be good. But it got me thinking, what is something that I want to do? I'll tell you what it is, I want to ride a stinking elephant. Not literally a stinking elephant, though I have a feeling they smell bad, but whatevs, not worried. But on the reals, riding an elephant would be AWESOME. I feel like if I were ever on top of an elephant, that's the moment when I would attain my boss status. Its like, yo, I'm on riding an elephant, just try and tell me what to do. Cause if this elephant wanted to, he could step on you.

So I've got this dream to ride an elephant, and I'm watching the bachelor on monday nights - yeah, the bachelor, i love it, WHASUP emily!?!- and then, Emily gets to ride an elephant!!! Jealous! But let's be real, if I had to watch someone else have that opportunity, it would be Emily. She might be the sweetest person in the world. Think of what job the sweetest person ever would have and that's a children's hospital event planner. Yep, that's Emily's job.

Anyways, back to my dreams. Riding an elephant=boss move. Who's ready to go to India with me and ride a painted elephant through a jungle like place??


Monday, February 28, 2011


time to groove.

Dancing may be the greatest way to pass the time ever. Like for real I will dance at any time in any place. If ever you feel like dancing, call me and we'll jam. There's nothing better than feeling the bass pump through the room and just straight grooving. So calming and so awesome.

I remember living in Louisiana, and when I was about six my mom and I were listening to music through the speakers in the living room and she said to me, "Sarah, you hear that low boom boom boom? That's the beat, that's what you dance to." I then started to listen carefully and follow along to what I thought were my mom's sweet moves. A few years later I realized that her moves are not so sweet, although I've heard that she won a dance competition or two in her day. (just kidding mom, you rock, but you still got nothing on me.) This is for you mom, thanks for teaching me about one of the greatest joys in life.

On that note, does not everyone want to be a part of a flash mob where some music comes on and everyone knows the same routine?? Except it would be way cooler if it wasn't planned and a ton of people just happen to know the same dance. Way cooler.

Alright, its dance party time at the comb. Anyone care to cut a rug?


Friday, February 25, 2011

I want to eat

Food is so delicious. I can't eat any right now because I'm sick, so I'm just looking at pictures of things I want. Stomach, lock it up so I can eat something. All I want right now are some delicious chicken nachos from Qdoba!! Gosh. Current things I want:

Qdoba chicken nachos

hush puppies with butter

mozzarella sticks

anything from mac and bob's

oh my gosh o'charley's rolls

egg rolls and DUCK SAUCE

fruit salad

Tell me these things don't make your mouth water. I'm going to continue looking at pictures of delicious foods and hoping the staring will transfer into me tasting those delicious foods. 


Pictures from herehereherehereherehere, and here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Why do we have accents? Don't get me wrong, they are the best, but why did we ever start saying things differently from others? Watch this video for some examples. Creepy.

I was sitting with my friend and housemate Kristen today helping her to study for a phonetics test, and the thought came upon me. -Real quick though, I've found a new love and its phonetics. Shoutout to muh girl Kris for listening to the word "marmalade" non-stop and sparking my interest.

But fo' reals. Accents, love 'em, confused by 'em. There's probably some scholarly answer to this question, but I don't care. I want to hear a story from the first person who started saying "egg" like "ayg" or "oil" like "ole." I want to talk to those people. Did they just all of a sudden say "hey, I wanna be different. I'm a trend-setter." Were they the original indies (OI)? Or did it happen naturally? I wonder how many accents I've never heard. I wonder what kind of accent I have to people that don't speak english. Or what kind of spanish accent I have to native speakers.

I love how stereotypes have come along with accents. Well I don't love it, but it's interesting. What do people think of me when they first hear me speak? Do I have a thick accent to anyone? I think it would be pretty cool to have a very distinctive accent. It would be really sweet to study all the different accents. If thats even possible. I wonder if there are new accents forming even now. That's crazy. Does using different words count as an accent? For example, if two different people say "That's skippin'" or, "That's so ridiculous" but with the same sounds, do they have different accents? Again, could probably google this, but I'm gonna blog about it because I want you to know my deepest thoughts. I will continue to ponder; ponder with me? I know what you're thinking, Sarah, did you just use a semi colon and the word ponder in the sentence? Yeah! I'm a genius!

Music for you to ponder boogie to


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a G thing

Here's a little music to get you grooving:

And yes, I am upset that Chris Brown is on here before Usher, but this song has been stuck in my head and I do love this video. 

Now, on to the serious stuff. Something I've realized today is that all words with more than one g sound ridiculous. Here are some examples along with picture definitions. 








and best of all:


That's FOUR g's!! Say those words aloud, and listen to how ridiculous you sound. Really, really ridiculous. You might start giggling, or feel the desire to gargle some mouthwash. If anyone can use all of these in a grammatically correct sentence you win a sense of pride. 


Pictures from aquíaquíheretherethisthatherehere