Saturday, March 19, 2011

Verano, te extraño

Welcome to the good life

Summer is so close!!! Today, me and some honeys got to spend the day in back yard soaking up the sun. It was the best, but I'm a little angry with the weather because I know its such a tease. What da H weather?! I'm fully prepared to move somewhere that it is always hot. And I'm not talking like, ooh yeah it never gets below 40 where I live yayyyyy. No. I'm talking like living on the equator, by the ocean, and never having to feel the chilly 50s. Somewhere that there is no necessity for sweatshirts, or jeans let alone gloves or coats. I'd like to live in a place that I can have one entire side of my house without walls because its always so nice outside. Do these places exist? They should.

They probably look like this:

I want to know where all of these places are and live in every single one of them.  Who's prepared to go with me?!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011



So I was kickin' it with my girl Claud tonight and we were discussing her desire to learn how to play golf. I love golf. Were going to start playing together. I'm really terrible, but were gonna be good. But it got me thinking, what is something that I want to do? I'll tell you what it is, I want to ride a stinking elephant. Not literally a stinking elephant, though I have a feeling they smell bad, but whatevs, not worried. But on the reals, riding an elephant would be AWESOME. I feel like if I were ever on top of an elephant, that's the moment when I would attain my boss status. Its like, yo, I'm on riding an elephant, just try and tell me what to do. Cause if this elephant wanted to, he could step on you.

So I've got this dream to ride an elephant, and I'm watching the bachelor on monday nights - yeah, the bachelor, i love it, WHASUP emily!?!- and then, Emily gets to ride an elephant!!! Jealous! But let's be real, if I had to watch someone else have that opportunity, it would be Emily. She might be the sweetest person in the world. Think of what job the sweetest person ever would have and that's a children's hospital event planner. Yep, that's Emily's job.

Anyways, back to my dreams. Riding an elephant=boss move. Who's ready to go to India with me and ride a painted elephant through a jungle like place??