Monday, February 28, 2011


time to groove.

Dancing may be the greatest way to pass the time ever. Like for real I will dance at any time in any place. If ever you feel like dancing, call me and we'll jam. There's nothing better than feeling the bass pump through the room and just straight grooving. So calming and so awesome.

I remember living in Louisiana, and when I was about six my mom and I were listening to music through the speakers in the living room and she said to me, "Sarah, you hear that low boom boom boom? That's the beat, that's what you dance to." I then started to listen carefully and follow along to what I thought were my mom's sweet moves. A few years later I realized that her moves are not so sweet, although I've heard that she won a dance competition or two in her day. (just kidding mom, you rock, but you still got nothing on me.) This is for you mom, thanks for teaching me about one of the greatest joys in life.

On that note, does not everyone want to be a part of a flash mob where some music comes on and everyone knows the same routine?? Except it would be way cooler if it wasn't planned and a ton of people just happen to know the same dance. Way cooler.

Alright, its dance party time at the comb. Anyone care to cut a rug?


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